By Swami Vishnuswaroop

ISBN-10: 1521823251

ISBN-13: 9781521823255

This book is a compilation of 2 classical yogic texts Gheranda Samhita and Goraksha Samhita. a quick advent to them is given under.

About Gheranda Samhita
Gheraṇḍa Samhitā is a classical yogic textual content. Its writer is Sage Gheraṇḍa. the shape of yoga he taught in Gheraṇḍa Samhitā is named Ghaṭastha Yoga. at first, it bargains with the physique, prāna and the brain via quite a few yogic practices step-by-step and eventually, results in Ātmajñāna (knowledge of the Self).
What is Ghaṭastha Yoga? It easily potential physique established yoga (ghaṭa - physique, stha -based, yoga - yoga). during this physique as ghaṭa abide prāna (the very important energy), brain (with its 4 parts) and 5 senses, center (feeling, emotion, attachment) and an autonomous ātmā (the Self that is considered as the resource and aid of all beings).
Therefore, in keeping with Sage Gheraṇḍa Ghaṭastha Yoga starts off with the physique, creates stability and concord at the prānic, psychological and emotional degrees for greater point of awakening and eventually, results in samādhi, the Self-realization that's the last word aim of human existence.

About Goraksha Samhita
The identify of the good Yogī Gorakśanātha isn't really strange in any respect. he's a hugely stated and venerated Siddha Yogī, popular through non secular masters some time past and current. His identify is pointed out by way of Svāmi Svātmārāma in his classical textual content Hatha Yoga Pradipikā (Chapter One, Verses four and 5). he's additionally one of many yogīs pointed out within the Purānas and yogic texts. he's renowned as Guru Gorakhanātha, and a hugely revered, respected and worshipped non secular grasp in India and Nepāl. The fans of the Nātha culture worship him because the incarnation of Lord Śiva, and say that the 9 Nāthas and eighty-four Siddhas belong to Adinātha, Lord Śiva. So, he's also referred to as Śiva Gorakśa, the founding father of the Natha Siddha culture.
Originally, the technological know-how of Hatha Yoga used to be came across for the growth and evolution of human recognition, and for the accomplishment of the last word objective of human existence and yoga, mokśa (liberation) and samādhi (the great wakeful state), respectively.
According to Gorakśa Samhitā, the target of Hatha Yoga is to create a harmonious stability among the actual physique, prāna (the very important strength) and the brain. it really is acknowledged that once the impulses generated by way of this harmonious stability stimulate the awakening of the Kuṇḍalī Śakti, basically then is the evolution of attention or union among Śiva and Śakti attainable. This accomplishment is the only target of the educating of Gorakśa Samhitā through Guru Gorakśanātha.
It is was hoping that this compilation might be beneficial to all yoga fanatics, yoga sadhakas, yoga academics and yoga pros to appreciate the conventional yoga, its goal and perform for reaching peace, concord and religious improvement for one and all.

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